Q:Is there a limit to the number of registered staff members?
A:There is no limit to the number of registrations, and even if the number of people increases, the usage fee will not change.
Q:I am currently creating a shift table with a cycle of 2 weeks, but can you handle it?
A:There are 6 patterns for the period, 1 week to 4 weeks, 1 month, and the number of days specified, and the closing date can be arbitrarily specified according to your cycle.
Q:Can you handle help shifts between stores or to other groups?
A:Help for other stores and other groups can be handled by moving the staff with mouse operation.
Q:Is it possible to create shifts that are patterned by day of the week, such as employees and part-timers?
A:By specifying a preset shift for each staff member, you can batch create patterns.
Q:Can I print it out and post it?
A:Not only can you print each screen of daily, monthly period, etc. , but you can also output a CSV (Excel data) file.
Q:Can the data created during the free trial be carried over after placing an order?
A:You can continue to use it as is.
Q:How can I manage requests from staff?
A:Staff can request shift from a smartphone or computer. The request deadline can be set to XX day of every month or XX days before the period start date, and the deadline date will be displayed on the screen of the staff, so there is no need to worry about to be requested after the request deadline.
Q:Can I manage multiple stores with one account?
A:By setting A store and B store in the group settings in the account, you can arrange staff for each group and create and display/confirm the number of people.
Q:Is it possible to check the list of working/holiday staff on the day?
A:You can display/confirm in a list. In addition, since the staff at work is displayed for each hour, you can check the detailed placement status of which staff is assigned in which time zone.
Q:Please tell me about the operating environment for Omakase Shift.
A:Omakase Shift has been confirmed to work with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers. iOS require 12 or higher. In addition, Omakase Shift uses javascript to improve functionality and operability. Please turn on the javascript function.

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