Product Info

Omakase Shift realizes smooth shift management with all features.

Easy to manage with group settings

Staff can be grouped by department or task, so the management screen is easy to see, and you can register them all at once when creating shifts.

Attribute management with skills and individual information

Attributes such as skills, groups, and individual information can be set for each staff member.

Just drag help

Help for other groups can also be easily done by just dragging.

Cost management with automatic aggregation

Working hours are automatically aggregated on the screen for each day, each cycle, and each staff member, enabling cost management such as personnel expenses, and data management by outputting a CSV file.

Efficient cost management with salary settings

By automating the hourly wage calculation linked to the shift, you can manage not only the salary of each staff member, but also the overall daily and periodic cost.

Staff screen Account management

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Because it is a flat fee without a limit on the number of people, It is widely accepted From small restaurants, retailers to all industries companies. Please experience its performance firsthand.