Product Info

Omakase Shift realizes smooth shift management with all features.

Shift confirmation and request anytime, anywhere

Since the shift data created on the management screen is stored in the cloud, staff can check the published shifts, apply for desired shifts, apply for holidays, etc. from their smartphones anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Easy contact via e-mail or bulletin board

There is no need to prepare your own contact method by using the "bulletin board" and "message function" provided by Omakase Shift for business communication, announcements, and communication from staff.

Check the attendance status of other staff

Since staff can check the shifts of other staff, the staff themselves can search for replacement personnel for sudden vacancies. Also, by using the staff screen, the manager can check the shift status even when out of the office.

Admin screen Staff management feature

Try all features for free for 30 days

Because it is a flat fee without a limit on the number of people, It is widely accepted From small restaurants, retailers to all industries companies. Please experience its performance firsthand.