Product Info

Omakase Shift realizes smooth shift management with all features.

Add account feature

You can add multiple trial accounts until you sign a contract. Omakase Shift assumes that you will be managing multiple stores, so you can use it in the style of first introducing it to one store and then adding it to other stores.

Quotation/Contract Order

After considering the contract, you can create a quotation and place an order for the contract. (The quotation will be output in pdf format.)

Billing list confirmation

After signing the contract, you can check the invoice from our company and the payment status. (Invoices are output in pdf format.)

Notice feature

You can check the notice about the service from our company.

Staff management

Try all features for free for 30 days

Because it is a flat fee without a limit on the number of people, It is widely accepted From small restaurants, retailers to all industries companies. Please experience its performance firsthand.